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    Yefremov Alexander Petrovich

    Graduated from Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia with specialization in theoretical physics (gravity theory). His scientific supervisor was professor Mickiewicz Nikolay Vsevolodovich.

    Alexander Yefremov is a DSc in Physics and Mathematics, professor. He is a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, director of IGC-RUDN, head of Physical Division at PFUR, First vice-rector of PFUR.

    Prof. Yefremov’s research interests in theoretical physics are:

    - geometrization of physical interactions;

    - interrelation of quaternion mathematics with physical laws and the Universe’s structure;

    - investigation of relativistic effects in celestial body motion.

    Prof. Alexander Yefremov is an author of the books: “Quaternion spaces, frames of  reference and fields”, Moscow, PFUR, 2005 (monograph); “Mechanics”, Moscow, PFUR, 2005 (a manual in co-authorship) and more than 70 scientific publications in collections and journals, among them are “Russian Physics Journal”, “Gravitation and Cosmology”, “Acta Physica Polonica”, “Acta Physica Hungarica”, “Progress in Physics”, “Advanced Science Letters”, Bulletin of PFUR – Series. Mathematics. Information Science. Physics.

    Research interests in philosophy:

    - relation between scientific and religious world’s pictures;

    - role of numbers in the Universe’s structure;

    - human being and the Universe.

    Prof. Yefremov is an author of a number publication in collections, such as “Christmas Readings”, Moscow, Russian Orthodox Church, 2001-2007; an almanac “Metaphysics 21th century”, Moscow, BINOM, 2007, and others.


    In 2008 Prof. Yefremov, director of ICG-RUDN, First vice-rector of PFUR, was elected as a corresponding member of the RussianAcademy of Natural Sciences.
    Conference “Christianity and Science” took place at Moscow State University within International Christmas Readings. 
    Prof. Yefremov gave a talk entitled
    "Criticism of the Universe Model of Pyotr Uspensky"
    Conference “Christianity and Science” took place at Moscow State University within International Christmas Readings.
    Prof. Yefremov gave a talk entitled “On a uniform  scheme of scientific and religious world outlook formation”
    International conference
    on “One-hundredth anniversary
    of Tunguska’s phenomenon” opened in Moscow.
    Prof. Yefremov had a talk “Electromagnetic phenomena in a Dual Universe model”
    16th International Christmas Readings
    Moscow Conference "Christianity and Science"
    Prof. Yefremov had a talk "Pavel Florensky’s imaginary value theory"
    7th Protection Public
    "State.     Society. Orthodoxy".
    Prof. Yefremov had a talk
    "On numbers in the Bible and the Universe’s structure"