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    Educational and Scientific Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology (ESIGC) was established in 1999 as a subdivision of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) aimed at realization of fundamental research in gravitation, cosmology, philosophy of natural sciences as well as for realization of educational programmes.



    First vice-rector, PFUR                                   Professor Alexander Yefremov,

    DSc in Physics and Mathematics;


    Deputy director                                                Professor Vitaly Nikolaevich Mel’nikov,

    DSc in Physics and Mathematics


    Prime objectives and goals of the Institute


    In scientific area:


    §        Priority researches in the field of gravity, cosmology and relativistic astrophysics;

    §        Working out perspective gravitational experiments on the Earth and in Space;

    §        Theoretical and experimental research in the field of fundamental physical constants;

    §        Foundation of scientific laboratory of fundamental metrology;

    §        Research in the field of philosophy of natural sciences (interpretation and comprehension
    of modern research results in physics).


    In arrangement of educational, scientific and international activity:


    §        Selection and admission of home and foreign students;

    §        Arrangement of preparing of highly qualified researchers (PhD and DSc);

    §        Working out and implementation of modern methods and telecommunication technologies in the educational process;

    §        Arrangement of professor, researcher, trainee and student international exchange between universities, centres of science and other organizations.


    The Institute:


    §        regularly conducts regional and international conferences, seminars and schools on gravity, cosmology, astrophysics and philosophy of natural sciences;

    §        participates in the international research programmes on bilateral agreements with groups of USA (University of Tennessee, University of Houston), Germany (Potsdam University), Brazil (Brazilian Center for Physics Research, UFES, Vitoria, South Korea (Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Italy (International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics), Japan (Nara Women University), Greece (Aegean University), France (Université de Provence, Marseille; University of Lyon), Poland (N.Copernicus Astronomical Centre), China (Beijing University) and others.

    §        Keeps on publishing of International Journal “Gravitation and Cosmology”, publishing of monographs on gravity, cosmology, relativistic astrophysics and philosophy of natural sciences;

    §        Setting up network informational recourse uniting all Russian gravitational groups
    and internet collective centre.



    New specialization at PFUR


    Since 25 of March 2002 ESIGN PFUR has launched a new Master programme “Gravitation, cosmology and relativistic astrophysics” for higher education aimed at obtaining state diploma “Master of Physics” (for 2 years) and PhD in Physics and Mathematics(for 3 years), awarded by the State Supreme Certification Commission).


    The Master course includes:


    §        Basic subjects of theoretical physics (field theory, statistical physics, physical kinetics and others);

    §        Special subjects of classical and quantum gravity;

    §        Basic astronomical subjects (general astronomy, theoretical and relativistic astrophysics, cosmology and others);

    §        Other special subjects on modern problems in fundamental physics (quantum field theory and theory of elementary particles).


    Research subjects of Master’s and PhD theses will concern multidimensional gravity, quantum cosmology, black holes, and also other modern problems in astronomy and space physics.


    Admission for citizens of Russian Federation and CIS (Commonwealth
    of Independent States, former Soviet Republics)


    PFUR admits citizens of Russian Federation and CIS holding diploma of bachelor’s degree (specialist) to Master course. Admission to postgraduate course requires diploma of Master (specialist).

    Citizens of Russian Federation and CIS should pass through an entrance testing. The academic year starts on Ist of September and consists of 2 semesters. Each semester finishes with examinations. The Winter holidays lasting from 25 January to 6 February, the Summer ones from 4 July to 31 August. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are provided with scholarship, medical care, have the right to make use of library, sport complexes and opportunity of leisure arrangement. Nonresident undergraduate and postgraduate students are provided with hostel accommodation.